The Dash Across New Mexico

March 27, 2017

Arizona to New Mexico

After checking out of the Butterfield RV Park in Benson, we made our way east into New Mexico on the I-10 to Las Cruces.  We made a short detour to Hatch, New Mexico (Hatch Chile Capital of the World) to pick up some chili powder, pecans, and pinto beans.  The restaurant we wanted to eat at here was closed, so we continued into Las Cruces.  We stopped at Chala’s Wood Fired Grill for dinner, which had excellent smothered burritos and Chilacas (crispy masa with tender, flavorful chili con carne).  Jonathan really wanted some local pecan pie, but there were no decent bakeries open at that time (we settled for some german chocolate cake to-go for later).  Our original plan had us making a quick stop at White Sands for some sand sledding.  However, it was too dark for that now, so we continued to Tularosa to stay at an RV park there for the night.  Some of the residents at this RV park liked to throw dog food over the fence for the coyotes so they’d come close to the park.

March 28, 2017

Since we’ve been to White Sands before and were trying to stay ahead of a storm front, we skipped it entirely and moved on, pushing into Colorado.  We bypassed both Albuquerque (been there before) and Santa Fe (would take too long), stopping in Las Vegas for food/dessert.  We ate at Charlie’s Spic and Span (I know, sounds like a laundromat) Bakery and Cafe.  One of their local favorites is a Las Vegas Ham and Cheese (just a ham and cheese with green chiles and tomatoes).  We also stocked up on some cheap cupcakes and desserts there.  Then we crossed into Colorado, having to inch our way through the mountains in the fog and rain.  We stayed at Lathrop State Park for the night.

Tomorrow’s Itineray:  Head to Colorado Springs to spend a day there, making our way to Derby.

What we wish we could do:  We wished we had the time to stop at White Sands, Santa Fe, and Taos.  There’s never enough time right now.


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