A Slight Detour

March 29, 2017

Colorado to Kansas

We woke up to a snowy surprise, to the tune of 3 inches of snow at Lathrop State Park.  It was the kind of snow that was perfect for a snowman, with the snow having the right amount of moisture.  Kaiser needed his poncho to venture out there.

After our coffee and oatmeal, we drove to Pueblo for provisions and lunch (Thai food this time).  Then we headed east towards Kansas, stopping at the John Martin Reservior for a short stretch.  Somehow, we missed a turn in Lamar (thanks, Google Maps) and wound up going south.  The route took us onto a county road (dirt road) that had just been rained on.  We spent an hour and a half (about 30 miles worth) slipping on the road, taking care not to end up in the ditch.  As strong as our F-250 is, we didn’t think it was up to the challenge of pulling a four-ton trailer out of a two-feet deep mud ditch without a winch.  It was nothing but featureless wheat fields in the dark out there with no cell phone service.

We finally managed to get back onto the highway and made it to Kansas.  We stopped at a gas station for the night in Johnson City, parking next to a gaggle of semi-trucks .

Tomorrow’s Itineray:  Reach Derby and Wichita, KS for some relaxation with family.

What we wish we could do:  We wish we could get there sooner, but the US is a pretty big place.


One thought on “A Slight Detour

  1. Hi guys! Awesome to see parts of your journey, hope you’re enjoying your time in Kansas now 😊 And Kaiser in his poncho- I die 😍 *Waving from the desert* 👋🏻👋🏻


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