Nowhere To Put All This Good Food

March 30 – April 5, 2017

Wichita, KS

We arrived to spend a week with Maggie’s family and hit up as many of Maggie’s favorite restaurants from when she lived here.  We stayed at her sister’s (Katie) house with her husband (Chris) and son (Carson).  There were some impromptu family reunions at favored restaurants.  Here is a rundown of some great Wichita area restaurants that we frequented.

  • N&J Cafe and Bakery (great Middle Eastern food, had to go there twice).
  • B&C BBQ (Most of the family was there.  Has wonderful ribs and brisket.  Certainly the best BBQ buffet I’ve ever had.)
  • Talliano’s Pizza Buffet (White sauce pizza was excellent and Cheeseburger pizza was even better.  One of the best pizza buffets I’ve been to.)
  • Spangles (Got some of their great fries to go.)
  • Marchello’s Italian (Simple, good pasta fare.)
  • Charlie’s PizzaTaco (Pizza crust wrapped over a lot of lettuce, tomato, meat, and sauce.)

In addition to food, we got to spend some quality time with key members of Maggie’s family.  We spent time at Tanganyika Wildlife Park to feed some lorikeets and tortoises, pet some kangaroos, and drop in on some big cats.  We really wish we could stay longer, but we have to continue the journey.  We’ve decided to swing around on our way back later.

What we wish we could do: The giraffes were not in their habitat the day we went there.  It turns out that they couldn’t handle winds of more than 10 mph.  Lame.


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