Hard to miss the Mississippi

April 7, 2017

After leaving Kansas, we went south into Oklahoma (skipping it), then into Arkansas.  We found Saddlebock Brewery, whose wonderful staff was accommodating enough to let us stay there for a couple of days.  On the banks of the White River, the brewery usually has 18 beers on tap with a kitchen for standard bar fare (pretzels were pretty good), pizza, and burgers.

April 8, 2017

We drove to Beaver Lake to watch Kaiser frolic in the water.  We contemplated renting a boat for half a day, but couldn’t get a reservation (another good reason to plan things in advance).  Plus, we didn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars for 4 hours.  We’ll come back at a later time with a boat of our own.

Once we got hungry, we drove to Eureka Springs for something to eat.  We know it isn’t healthy, but we did want some very good southern cooking.  We stuffed ourselves at Ozark Fried Chicken & Fish, which did have some of the best friend chicken we’ve ever had (tempered it with some Chinese stir-fry vegetables) and huge portions (ordered a catfish piece, got 9 long catfish strips).

After eating, we drove through Eureka Springs Historic District.  It’s interesting architecture and steep hills are why it’s called the Little Switzerland of America.  We didn’t get to stop (the place was very busy), but we did drive through twice.

After driving through the town, we returned to the brewery.  The entire countryside around Eureka Springs and the brewery is picturesque, with farms dotting the hillside.  Cows and horses graze on a lush, green carpet; which is a sharp contrast to the shades of brown we see in Arizona.

We did drink with the staff at Saddlebock (helped celebrate a birthday) briefly that night.  Needless to say, the place is alot of fun.

April 9, 2017

We left the brewery late, crossed the winding and narrow roads of the Ozarks, got back on the highway, and stopped at Tom Sawyer’s RV park on the banks of the Mississippi River for trip planning, laundry, and to take in a tour in Memphis the next day.  The weather was fantastic at the river, but quite breezy.


What we wish we could do: Wish we could have spent some time on the water at Beaver Lake and perhaps do more in Eureka Springs Historic District.


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