Music City, U.S.A.

April 10, 2017

After leaving Tom Sawyer’s RV Park, we crossed the bridge over the Mississippi River into Memphis.  Unfortunately, we didn’t make it to our Memphis Mojo tour, so we continued past to Nashville.  We stayed at the DelMonaco Winery for a few days.

April 11, 2017

At the start of the day, we drove back to Nashville for the Sound of Music tour.  We joined two dozen others on bus to take an hour and a half tour of Music Row, Broadway, the Grand Olde Opry, the Country Music Hall of Fame, and other important landmarks of the city.  The tour was emceed by Patrick “Papa” Raines (Local radio personality).  During the tour, the on-board musician, Tia Leeann, would sing songs and lead the bus in some songwriting to make an original song that is performed at the end of the tour to people passing by.  All in all, we learned a lot about Nashville and got to see some cool things (the Parthenon, Musica, restaurants where famous musicians eat, etc).  At the end of the tour, we all got vouchers for fried pickles.

We craved some Mediterranean food, so we ate some of that (can’t have fried foods everyday).  It took a  while to make, so we missed another tour that we were going to see up in Bowling Green, KY (a tour of an underground river!)  So we replaced the headlights on the truck, and returned to the winery.

April 12, 2017

Since we hadn’t been able to thank our hosts, we stopped into the winery to take a look around and buy some wine.  We tried several samples each, with the peach and blackberry wines easily the best.  We bought a few bottles and plan to buy more later.  (try them yourself by buying

After buying the wine, we got back on the road so we can stop at the main reason for coming to Tennessee – Great Smokey Mountains National Park!

What we wish we could do: We wish we could have made that tour in Bowling Green, since an underground river would be cool.  We understand there will be other caverns though.


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