Great Smokey Mountains, Part Two

April 14, 2017

For breakfast today, we had some food (sushi, yakisoba, and the like) from one of the only Japanese restaurants in town.  It was only so-so.  We drove up to Sevierville to buy an air compressor to inflate a flat RV tire.  Then it was back down to Pigeon Forge to ride the Alpine Coaster (just down the street from our RV Park).  The ride is about 7 to 8 minutes, most if it being a slow climb up the mountain.  Once you reach the top, you hold your brakes open manually and slide down the metal track at 27 mph; which doesn’t sound fast, but is quite intense.  It was so fun that we rode it again (we plan on doing it one more tonight to see how different it is at night).

Alpine Coaster Day (3).jpg

The climb up the Alpine Coaster.

After our two rides, we tried to get some time in at VR Pigeon Forge, but they required we sign up (earliest time slot in about 3 hours).  So we went back to our RV to sign up and relax.  Then we drove back (it was down the street from our spot), stopping in at the art gallery next door to look at some great artwork.  Unfortunately, the VR spot wasn’t prepared for both of us, since all but one of their rigs were down.  So, I was the only one who could play on it (I played Arizona Sunshine, a zombie shooting game.  Very compelling stuff, and almost certainly the future of gaming).  Maggie had to pass time away on her smartphone and couldn’t participate.  We had to settle for a refund for her time, with no compensation.  They could have at least warned us when we walked in hours earlier that the computers were down.

After I was done shooting virtual zombies, our next item on the itinerary was to taste some moonshine from the source at Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine distillery (also in Pigeon Forge).  Although just down the road, it took us nearly 20 minutes to make it to the parking lot (the place was packed, with people parking far away from the restaurants; a side effect of coming here on Easter weekend).  We lost our appetite for moonshine since it looked like it would be another 30 minutes to cross the parking lot walking to the distillery.  So we went back to Smoky Mountain Brewery, which we already knew had good food and drinks.  We tried a different pizza and a different flavor of boneless wings.  They were just as good as last night, especially with some martinis and an Old Fashioned.

After dinner, we went back to the Alpine Coaster for another ride.  This time the line was very long (about a half hour, which was much longer than this afternoon).  It was even more fun at night (it’s easier to enjoy the ride when you’re not seeing all of the trees whizzing by), so we got the last two tickets for the night and rode again.  Then we called it a night.  Unfortunately, we don’t have any good photos of the ride.

What we wish we could do: If the ride was still open, we might have even ridden the Alpine Coaster a fifth time.  We really wanted to try some moonshine, but we’d rather just buy it at a liquor store if the lines are long.

What we’re doing tomorrow: Driving to Shenandoah Valley in Virginia.


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