Shenandoah Valley

April 15, 2017

We arrived in the Shenandoah Valley in the evening, setting up at the Endless Caverns RV park.  The park is expansive, taking up a couple hundred acres on the edge of the Massanutten Mountain range and hiding among the trees.  All in all, it was a quite place to set up for a few days.  The resort has full facilities, laundry, bike and hiking trails, swimming pool, and pond.  There is even an onsite cavern to explore, complete with tours (We did not partake in the cavern tours this time).  We spotted a woodpecker or two (photo is of similar bird).

April 16, 2017

The next day, we ate breakfast and then drove to Skyline Drive in the Park.  We entered in Luray (the middle of the park) and drove south out of the park.  The drive is slow, relaxing, and covers the wonderous landscape of Eastern Virginia (spent about 4-5 hours getting there from the park and driving the southern half).  Despite weather reports, it did rain on and off during the drive.  We saw an abundance of deer, squirrels, and birds.  Some trees were still dormant, but many were budding. Streaks of purple, orange, and white among the green made the drive spectacular.  We stopped at several overlooks and took photos.

After the drive, we returned to the park just after dark.

April 17, 2017

We drove to the White Oak Lavender Farm in Harrisonburg, VA.  Featuring a full selection of lavender infused products (oils, soaps, lotions, candles, coffees and teas, wine, and even ice cream), we wandered the store and the farm area (there are chickens, sheep, horses, rabbits, and even a turkey.  You can pet most of them).  We didn’t get the opportunity for a guided tour, since we didn’t arrive at the right time.  We also didn’t get to pick our own lavender, as it wasn’t the right season for it.  We bought several gifts and some lavender infused ice cream (both pretty good).

After the farm, we went into the nearby town so I could get a haircut.  I got a haircut, and Maggie bought us some moonshine for us to try.  Two of them are local Virginian moonshine, while the Tennessee moonshine is cherry infused.  Then, we went back to the park for a hike and to do some laundry.


April 18, 2018

We secured for travel and continued eastward to Washington, D.C.

What we wish we could do:  The drive would be more spectacular (and probably much more crowded) during the fall.

Where are we going next:  Washington, D.C., to see the Smithsonian museums.


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