Medical Curiosities

April 20, 2017

Pressed for time, we found our spot for the night (a parking lot called Campus Park and Ride).  While expensive to park there (about $50 for the truck and trailer for one night), it was close to the city center.  So, we dropped the trailer off and crawled through Philadelphia rush hour traffic to the Mütter Museum.  We got there with about an hour to spare for viewing the exhibits.  We spent all of our available time there and didn’t get any to spare for viewing the medicinal garden that was on-site.  Photos were not allowed to be taken of museum exhibits (so all we got is the exterior and some photos of a banner featuring the Mütter American Giant at 7’6″).

We were surprised with how confusing the roads were in downtown Philly.  After the museum, we ordered a pizza from Yummy Pizza (inside the train station).  It took a while to find (due to all of the one way streets and the unreliability of Google Maps).  We brought it back to the trailer.  Pizza was good, with decent crust and toppings.  We’re ready for another drive tomorrow.

What we wish we could do: Maybe see some other sights if we had time.

What to do tomorrow: Push through to Fall River.


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