Totally ’80s Evening

April 24, 2017

For our final full day in the area, we visited Josh at his place in Fall River.  We started by getting some grub from the Brewfish Bar and Eatery in Marion.  The food here was great, with plenty of seating.  It was raining, so we had some Ch’ale (half clam chowder, half kale soup).  It was so good we ordered some to go (we knew that Josh would want some).  We also had a few other appetizers there, such as the Spicy Thai Calamari, Pretzels with Beer Cheese Dip, and a Quahog (stuffed with grilled corn, applewood smoked bacon, red peppers, and sweet bread).  Just these few appetizers were very filling and priced just right.

Then we drove to Josh’s place in Fall River.  We made it an 80’s movie night, starting with Predator (get to the choppa!).  After the movie, we went to Asia One (an asian fusion place).  We started with sushi and each had an entree (I had the Orange Ginger Duck.  I’m not sure what the others had.) Then, we returned to Josh’s place and watched Robocop (the original and NOT the reboot, of course.  He didn’t have Predator 2, a situation that I’m sure he’ll rectify soon.) (Predator and Robocop movie photos courtesy of and respectively.)  Then we went back to the RV park, bidding Josh farewell.  He had to work tomorrow, and we have to get going to Niagara Falls tomorrow as well.

What we wish we could do: We certainly want to see the leaves change here.  So, we’ll be back in the Autumn (not this year, but probably next year).

What we will do tomorrow: Drive across New York on the way to Niagara Falls.


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