Lake Ontario

April 26, 2017

From the Spruce Creek campground in Salisbury, we went west on the I-90 past Rochester.  Then, we traveled north to the Lake Ontario State Parkway.  We stopped at the Black Willow Winery in Burt.  We weren’t in the best shape by the time we got here.  We must have caught some sort of cold in Washington or Philly.  Before we visit Niagara Falls, we want to be in better shape.  We decided to stay a few days here.  After setting up, we went to the Hilltop restaurant in Lockport (it’s supposed to be well-regarded).  It was supposed to be 50 cent wing night, but they ran out of wings (what a jip!).  Maggie and I had some Sweet and Spicy Shrimp to start.  She had some French Onion Soup and a Greek Salad while I had the Tomato Bisque and the Greek Stuffed Pepper (stuffed with sausage, broccoli, sun-dried tomatoes, and feta cheese.  All of the food was delicious, so this place lived up to its reputation.  Afterwards, we got provisions and fuel from the local grocery store (called Tops) and called it a night.

April 27, 2017

The cold was worse for Maggie, so we stayed in today.  It was cloudy all day.  I took a bike ride around the neighborhood and winery area.  We ate some pizza from a local Italian place, which was only so-so.


Sun breaking through the clouds at Black Willow Winery

April 28, 2017

We’re still not up to going to Niagara yet, but we were well enough to visit the lake and pay tribute to ours hosts at the Winery.  We checked out the winery tasting room, which offered wine and chocolate pairings.  Maggie tried a riesling, a blackberry wine, and two wine blends.  Her chocolate pairings were peanut butter and jelly, dark raspberry, sea salt caramel, and a spicy pumpkin bark.  I tried several meads and a peach wine (and some bacon chocolate).  We bought a few bottles of blackberry wine to take with us.

Then, we drove to Wilson Tuscarora State Park to walk along Lake Ontario.  The Great Lake was so expansive that Toronto (on the other side of the lake) was a hazy mirage. The lake has its own tide!  We spent a little time there, watching Kaiser trying to frolic in the waves.  He kept trying to grab some driftwood, but wouldn’t go more than a few feet into the ocean.  The waves kept scaring him.  We gathered some of the flat rocks that washed up to make a small monument there too.

We headed back to the RV to call it a night.

April 29, 2017

We left the winery in the afternoon and drove to the Cinderella Motel and Campground in Grand Island, NY (It’s an island!).  This puts us closer to Niagara Falls and the city of Buffalo.  After setting up, we went to get some brandy so we can have some Hot Toddies, which helps with our sore throats.  We stayed in and had some pizza delivered.


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