Niagara Falls

April 30, 2017

After getting ready for the day, we got lunch at Duff’s Famous Wings.  We wanted to get buffalo wings in Buffalo and we heard that Duff’s was the local favorite for it (as in better than the buffalo wing’s true birthplace, Anchor Bar).  We ordered a plate of wings and a plate of boneless wings, as well as a salad and a BLT and fries.  I did like the BLT and the regular wings were good, but neither of us were impressed with the boneless wings.  I guess we aren’t used to the way they make them (they made them very bready and drenched in sauce).  But, at least we can say that we’ve had buffalo wings in Buffalo.

Afterwards, we drove to Niagara Falls and parked near the Visitors Center.  We took the trolley around to see the area first to get the lay of the land.  We visited each waterfall, which were sights to behold themselves.  We also paid tribute to Nikola Tesla, whose history is entwined with the area.  As if it didn’t get better, we got on the Maid of the Mist boat tour and felt the power of Horseshoe Falls!  We also bought a few souvenir mugs (which will make our Hot Toddies taste better).

It was a great experience and a perfect example of the beauty of the country we live in.  We felt we went at a great time, when  it wasn’t very busy and the weather was perfect.  We didn’t even have to pay for the parking since we stayed after 6PM.  After the Falls, we returned to the RV park to check on our kids.

What we wish we could do: We would have liked to have done the Cave of the Winds, but it wasn’t open at the time.  I guess that’s something to look forward to next time.

What we will do tomorrow: Start the drive back to Arizona.


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