Close Encounters

May 6, 2017

We went into the town of Roswell for lunch and to check out the gift shops.  Needless to say, they hammer the theme of extraterrestrials home more than a few times for tourist purposes.

We started at what many consider to be Roswell’s best restaurant, which is Big D’s Downtown Dive.   That restaurant didn’t disappoint at all!  While the parking situation leaves a lot to be desired (most of the spots were reserved for nearby businesses other than the restaurant, leaving only 6 spaces open), the food was first-class.  We started with the  Monster Fries (shoestring fries with roasted green chilies, pecan smoked bacon, and a thousand island dressing).  It was a fantastic appetizer (though too much for us to finish).  I had a green chili cheesesteak and Maggie had the Angry Hippie (a potato, black bean, and mushroom burger.  It was the best veggie burger we’ve ever had).  This place’s reputation is well deserved.

After lunch, we walked through Roswell’s tourist area to check out the gift shops.  We bought some gifts.  We also found Hanger 84 (the place where Roswell’s aliens supposedly were held) at the Alien Zone.  Essentially, it is a series of life-size dioramas where you can get your photo taken with aliens.  That’s exactly what we did too.  It was well worth the $1 admission (tell them you saw the price on Yelp).

We returned to the RV, got it ready for travel, then took off west to White Sands National Monument.  We got there just before sunset, when a sandstorm engulfed the area.  Not to be deterred, we drove into the area to get some sand sledding done anyway.  The pets even got to play for a short while (although Kandi did not use the sand as a litter box like we expected).  We’ve always liked White Sands (which is why this is our second time here).  We are always amazed at what we find living here in what is seemingly just sand).

Afterwards, we drove to Deming, NM where we stayed in a little known RV park away from town called El Rancho Lobo RV park.


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