Return to Arizona

May 7, 2017

When we woke up at our RV park, someone pointed out there were two bird’s nest in a nearby cactus (one complete with some chicks).

Before leaving Deming, NM, we found this small soul food restaurant and bakery called Elisa’s House of Pies and Restaurant.  I had some cornbread dusted catfish while Maggie had some pulled pork.  We both also had several sides (red beans and rice, mac and cheese, mixed veggies, fried cabbage, and BBQ beans).  It was so good that we got some of the sides to go as well as three slices of pie (coconut cream, millionaire, and key lime).  We then drove on I-10 West to Tucson.

We stopped in Tucson to get tamales from Tucson Tamale Company.  They are always a great thing to get here.  Afterwards, we left Tucson on Highway 77 and 79 (taking photos of Mt. Lemmon on the way).  We made it to Mesa late at night.  We had our reservations for Monte Vista RV Resort.  However, since we arrived at 9pm (and the resort didn’t get our reservation), we were forced to spend the night in a nearby parking lot.


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