Maggie grew up in Kansas, then moved to Las Vegas with Jonathan in 2004. After experiencing LV as a resident for about 2 years, they decided to relocate to Arizona. Maggie decided to pursue a career in pharmacy and became a licensed, certified pharmacy technician.

Working a 9-5 job has never been her dream, and after working for many years in the pharmacy industry (mail order, hospice and retail) she began to envision her “dream” life in order to motivate her.

Maggie and Jonathan decided to sell most of their belongings (cars, home, furniture, TV, etc.) to make their mutual dream come to fruition. In December 2016 their Chandler home finally sold, and they traded in their cars for a Ford F-250 and a 2006 Keystone trailer.

They have adopted/rescued 3 cats – Kandi, FurFur and Hopscotch. Kaiser was added to the family in 2011 after they met him at the AZ Humane Society.

Looking forward to the most

Seeing sights IN PERSON, meeting people from all over the world, and experiencing all the wonderful natural landmarks is Maggie’s motivation. She usually avoids getting on social media or the internet but wants to share this journey with her friends and family.

Jonathan offered to take Maggie to Shenandoah National Park in 2003 and they have tried many times to visit, but life kept getting in the way. Fourteen years later, they have gotten rid of all that they could materially so that they could finally make this “Belated Honeymoon” become reality!

Lessons Learned So Far

-No matter how small your home is, and how few things you carry with you, it’s the people (and animals!) that are with you that matter. Maggie wasn’t sure how she could live with so little material goods, but after a few weeks, it only seemed natural.

-When you’re moving around in small spots, you must plot out your movements and actions. Every spoken word and action has a purpose, just like every item in the trailer has a spot. Actions and words become more purposeful and meaningful.

-MUSIC is mandatory! Oftentimes, the radio doesn’t work on the road. Driving is much more enjoyable with “hard” copies of your music, all ready to go and play when you’re on the go.

-The game Tetris that we all played as kids actually comes in handy when you need to fit tons of things into a small space. Sometimes it becomes more of a logic strategy than a packing chore.

Expectation vs Reality

Since FurFur and Hopscotch did not adjust to traveling, it was decided to board them before the roadtrip so that they would not be stressed out. Kandi and Kaiser, however, are doing just great and will happily accompany Maggie and Jonathan on the Belated Honeymoon.