Jonathan grew up in Washington, and left to serve six years in the Navy.  Near the end of his term, he met Maggie.  They moved to Las Vegas together in 2004, where he became a bartender.  Looking for the same climate, but a city with fewer growing pains, they moved to Phoenix in 2006.  Over the next ten years, Jonathan would work other jobs and receive a degree in Earth and Space Exploration from Arizona State University.

Maggie and Jonathan decided to sell most of their belongings (cars, home, furniture, TV, etc.) to make their mutual dream come to fruition. In December 2016 their Chandler home finally sold, and they traded in their cars for a Ford F-250 and a 2006 Keystone trailer.

They have adopted/rescued 3 cats – Kandi, FurFur and Hopscotch. Kaiser was added to the family in 2011 after they met him at the AZ Humane Society.

Looking forward to the most:

Jonathan is looking forward to seeing more of the world with Maggie and to build something they can be proud of that can sustain them.

Lessons Learned So Far

-Maintaining a trailer for full time living and travel requires alot of either time or money.  To save money, make sure you’re familiar with basic mechanical and electrical principles.

-If you want to see something, chances are that someone else wants to see it too.  Call ahead, make reservations, or be prepared for long lines.

-Be mindful of weather and temperature.  Freezeing temperatures can wreak havoc on your pipes and tanks.

Expectation vs Reality

The logistics of supplying and maintaining a travel trailer for full time living was certainly an eye opener.  Many parts of the trailer had to be replaced or modified to allow for specialized tasks or for off-road travel of the trailer.